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An intergovernmental organization established in 1951, IOM is committed to the principle that humane and orderly migration benefits migrants and society.

  • 155 Member States and 11 state observers
  • More than 470 field locations
  • More than 7,800 staff working on more than 2,700 projects
  • More than US$ 1.2 billion expenditures in 2012



IOM Internship Opportunities

ROC-2014-07 Regional Migration Policy Intern, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok (Closing 20 June 2014)

ROVN-2014-09 National Administrative and Finance Officer, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, Bangkok (Closing 4 July 2014)

THVN-2014-032 Migration Health Physician, Migration Health Assessment Center- Bangkok (Closing 23 Jul 14)

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IOM Thailand Country Office


18th Floor Rajanakarn Building
183 South Sathorn Road
Satorn District
Bangkok 10120 Thailand

Phone: +66.2 343 93 00

Fax: +66.2 343 93 99

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International Organization for Migration

(UKTB - Office)
120 Kasemkij Building, 8th floor
Silom Road, Bangrak,
Bangkok 10500
Tel: (66) 2-234-7950-5
Fax: (66) 2-234-7956

International Organization for Migration
120 Kasemkij Building, 7th floor
Silom Road, Bangrak,
Bangkok 10500
Tel: (66) 2-234-7950-5
Fax: (66) 2-234-7956

Directions (UKTB Office):

The Kasemkij Building, in which IOM-UKTB Programme Bangkok shares office, is conveniently located on Silom Road, opposite the CP Tower Building and is within walking distance from Saladang BTS Sky train station. Since Silom area is considered the financial and business center, the Silom road is very congested especially during the rush hours. Therefore, the public transportation is highly recommended. You can reach the International Organization for Migration (IOM-UKTB) Office by various modes of transportation.

By BTS Sky train (UKTB Office):

Take BTS sky train (Silom Line) heading for Saladang S2 Station (Interchange station with MRT subway).
Disembark at Saladang S2 Station and then take Exit No.1 walk out to Kasemkij Building.

By MRT Subway (UKTB Office):

Take MRT subway heading for Silom Station.
Disembark at Silom Station and take Exit No. 2
Walk straight to Silom Business area until arrive at the CP Tower (you can notice a big MC Donald shop and Watson Shop on its ground floor)
Cross the street and arrive at Kasemkij Building

By Bus (UKTB Office):

You can take metro bus No. 206, 501, 514, 136, 4, 12, 77, 137, 179, 15, 68, 76, 105, 140, 141, 53, 115, 64, 162, 163, 177, 164, 504, 28, 29, 32, 66, 67, 45, 75.

For taxi (UKTB Office):

120 อาคารเกษมกิจ (ตรงข้ามตึกซีพี ทาวเวอร์)
ถนนสีลม แขวงสีลม เขตบางรัก กรุงเทพ

Print out for the taxi.

By car (UKTB Office):
Please see the location map. You can park at CP Tower, Central Silom Complex, or Taniya Plaza. The parking cost shall be at your own expense. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.